The next step in preserving our legacy

Executive Summary

Preserving an individual in a certain moment in time

HOLOME is a holographic eulogy recording service, allowing the deceased to be present at their own funeral. Through the HOLOME installation, a 3-D image that can be projected like a film will provide mourners with eulogy holograms at the service. The dream of living on through tech will resonate with the millions of baby boomers now facing their own mortality. HOLOME will revolutionize the Funeral Home Industry.

Business Description

Our main target for industry are Funeral services. HOLOME will incorporate the technology of holography to enable people who want to leave a lasting legacy to their loved ones. The secondary targert are those interested in premium paid services in which they will come directly to us.Through the HOLOME app, users will have access to the hologram of those they bereave, which they can watch and interact with in small scale, or interact with at life scale where the HOLOME installation can be placed in their desired location.

Marketing Strategies

The Funeral Industry has the market size of $2bn in revenue. According to Funeral Homes in Canada Market Research Report in 2017, “Canada’s growing and ageing population has resulted in the number of deaths trending upward over the past five years, boosting demand for funeral services. During the five years to 2022, demographic and societal factors will continue to drive industry growth.” HOLOME targets those aged between 18-65 years olds who want to preserve a lasting legacy.

Competitive Analysis

As it currently stands no one has commercially brought this idea into the public, therefore, our scope of competitors must be changed to those who are innovators and researchers. Artistry In Motion Holographics, Inc. based in West Palm Beach, United States, invions to sell holographic machines to consumers, and plans on charging consumers $50,000 for a life size hologram and $2,000 for a small one. The competitive advantage for HOLOME is that it will be the first in Canada to propose the use of holographic technology. As an addition to the services provided at the Funeral homes at a price that is reasonable for consumers, it is also benefitional for the Funeral Homes too.

Revenue Strategy

  1. The users We make revenue from users who purchase premium serices directly through HOLOME.

  2. The Funeral Home Industry We make revenue from the funeral home industry by assembling the HOLOME installation and creating holographic content for their clients.
HoloMe is born from the curiosity of life after death.


Rana Zandi

A conceptual designer and creative director at HOLOME, Rana is an innovator coming from a graphic design, and videography background. Her research called The Parallel Mind focuses on the re-animation of digital assets on behalf of the deceased.

Afrooz Samaei

An engineer currently working at IBM, Afrooz has collaborated on multiple holographic projects, and has a background in programming.

Mudit Ganguly

A visual wizard, Mudit comes from a graphic design background, with a wide variety of skill sets from video games, illustration, and animation.

Design and Development Plan

As it stands we have created a blueprint of the technology behind HOLOME, the prototypes of the smart phone/tablet application, and the HOLOME website. Users can register and have access to the HOLOME world, which includes a social community meant for mourners to share their experiences with one another, a gift shop, and the collection of holographic works/styles that can be purchased. However, it is only through the smart application that the user can play the hologram. The next step is to create the first prototype for the HOLOME installation where the life size hologram can be played.