Digital Painting

Adobe Photoshop

Somehow I feel way more satisfied when I make a photoshop painting than creating an illustration with Adobe illustrator even though I enjoy both styles. I think it's because I feel more like an artist when I can create that painterly look in Photoshp.

My process usually starts with a found image that I use as my refrence. I first try to grab the colours and place them where they go on my canvas which is usualy the size of an Instagram post. From then on I put on my music playlist and just blend away.

Adobe Illustrator

I can't help it but when I work on Illustrator I just feel like a designer. I do enjoy the kind of look I can get with it software. Although I am reletively new to creating illustrations.

My process starts with a refrence photo, but differes drastically from Photoshop after. I usually start tracing my refrence photo and then fill it with flat colours that come from my own imagination and most of the time I change the shapes and the outline. So at the end I end up with brand new content that used a refrence