Language of Love
Quantifying intimacy

Project Description

According to a study at the University of California on the physical effects of being in a relationship, couple’s breathing patterns and heart rates synchronise when they sit close to each other. Drawing inspiration from this study, Orlando and I decided to put our relationship to the test. We wore a heart rate and stretch sensor for the duration of 8 hours with the goal to alter the language of love through data. The more our breathing patterns and heart rates were synchronized the higher the percentage of intimacy between the two of us.

You are learning about your relationship in awhole new way.


The wearables consists of a battery that fuels two feather huzzah boards, one is connected to a stretch sensor to measure breathing and the other connected to a pulse sensor to obtain the bpm. The battery and boards rest in a pocket at the bottom of the shirt so the weight and swinging of these components is less unpleasant for the users. Our main objective for the wearables was comfort. We had to come up where we wanted to place the hardware so that we would remain comfortable through out the 8 hours. Also, we didn’t want to hide any of the hardware within the wearable as part of the concept of our project displaying the language of love.


Heart Beat/Minute

Breathing Tracker